Kingdon Connection Fellowship - Bishop Jerome H. Ross, Sr., Presiding Prelate      (learn more)
Altar Workers Ministry
Christian Board of Education
Deacon Board
Deaconess Board
Gatekeepers Usher Ministry
Gospel Hands (Sign Language Interpretation for the hearing impaired)
Hospitality Ministry
Intercessory Prayer/Telephone Prayer Ministries
Marriage and Family Enrichment Ministry
Men’s Usher Board
Ministerial Staff
Ministry of Concern
Missionary Ministry

Giving a helping hand to the Triedstone Church Family and throughout the Columbus Community.

Mothers Board
New Disciples Ministry
Nurse’s Ministry

Our mission is to protect the interest of our church with respect to emergency nursing. Each nurse must be a current card-carrying member of the American Red Cross or similar institution that offers First Aid Training and CPR Training.

Prayer Partners Ministry
Seasoned Citizens
Security Ministry
Senior Usher Board
Sunday School  (learn more)
Trustee Board
Woman Be Blessed Ministries  (learn more)
Youth Church/Department